Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Im not sure how many people I meet online are looking to earn extra money or change careers.

For over 2 years I have stressed the importance of getting the ball rolling, or planting the seed.

It really dosnt matter what you, but do something,, It starts the learning process and the growth or your own business.

To that I say, Wow, Easybid.

Easybid is a program i helped start a while back and now with all the uproar over Ebay pricing and fees. Our timing couldnt be more perfect.

Heavy hitters, and powersellers as well as new auction users are flocking to Easybid to sell anything from homebased business opportunities to cameras, pc's , software, kitchen sinks, you get the idea.

The member benifits are incredible and its free to list, sell, and buy.

They have also created a niftly little program that lets you earn money on referring others.

Ebay is practically giving its members away to other auction communities and Easybid is in position to accept all new comers. It has been established in the uk and now the US market is flocking to join and sell.

Take a look, grab a free membership , and see if upgrading is right for you,, you can still list, sell and buy for free with many different bonus features I didnt mention,

Arent you glad you took a look!

http://nuurl.u s/itsfree4u

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Can you believe its almost December?

And,, I haven't made a post since march!

I have been so busy here at home, my construction company has kept me away from my posting, and with all the experimenting with joint ventures and some pretty intense marketing programs, I found it hard to get the time to post updates on some very important issues.

I hope you will check back in the coming weeks, as I have some pretty informative information regarding tactics and online income.

I have had the pleasure of working with people who are making very good money on line with their efforts.
In the coming weeks i will break down all forms of internet marketing with examples and tactics used to succeed, so if you looking for ideas in niche marketing, network marketing, adsense sites, affiliate sales etc, make sure to bookmark my blog.

If your looking to see what kind of things I have been working with to secure my financial future, take a quick peek at this


See how the POWERFUL franchise idea is making more and more sense, and how you could profit from multiple income streams from one source, all paid directly to you!

This program was the beginning of my project and I will go into great detail as to how I have used each aspect to control the flow of income.

stay tuned for more...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Well, it is Saturday again!
What a week its been.

Now that February is over business is really starting to pick up!
So many people are looking toward their pc's and the internet as a means to acquire steady income.

Who can help wonder about the endless potential and possibilities the net has to offer as a powerful business tool!

Since I started my online business over 2 years ago, I have enjoyed fantastic growth and see now why it was so important for me to just get started and learning.
The faster I learned the faster I was in profit!

1 thing I wish I would have started before I did, was, using forums and chat room to promote my business. Since I started using these venues, my contact list has grown with quality contacts from around the world.

This was one tactic shared to me by a good friend and boy he was right!

This was just one of the things I learned from working with genuine marketers, already successful and growing everyday.

If your looking for a place to start learning and growing, with a group that is committed to your success, (for obvious reasons) then come aboard and see what strength, commitment and team work really mean.

I will work with anyone who wants to learn and grow. All it takes is for you to start NOW!

Come Join Plan 4Power, Start Creating Life long Residual INCOME NOW!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A great friend of mine just release her newest passive income site. Designed to capitalize on the bullion markets, she is really getting amazing returns.
She has developed a site so we can all profit from her expertise in bullion and fine gems trading.
She has live chat support, so stop by and say hi. Listen to what she has to say, it could change you future.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hi Everyone,,
Hope all are enjoying the winter, if you get one!, i am jealous if you don't! LOL!

As you all know , winter is probably the slow time for sales, just after Christmas, new years, and tax time coming, etc, people are seldom thinking of spending.

In these slow times I tend to turn my focus to devoting my time to helping others in this industry.
Talking with other marketers is very enriching for education, information, contacts, and friends.

Simply offering a helping hand with others efforts has put me in position to pick and choose the best opportunities out there and capitalize fast.

Don't focus on the lack of sales, or traffic to your sites, instead, focus on your customers and what they would need to succeed in their efforts. You will find this equally rewarding at the end of any day!

That is my simple message of the month! The road to prosperity awaits all who will travel it, start you journey TODAY!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Good Afternoon!

After reading emails and taking calls all day, I felt it necessary to discuss a little traffic generation strategy.

People are constantly asking me, (more like complaining) how they can possibly refer others , build downlines, and make money on the net.

First off, never QUIT, How many things would we have today if all the people who invented them, quit before they succeeded!
Second, Making Millions isn't that easy, if it was ,, Guru's wouldn't be panhandle their latest money grabbing scheme , only designed to part you from your money !

The Secret lies within You. Only You can make the difference. persevere, There are pots of Gold on the Net, You just have to create your own POT! Then you can fill it with GOLD!

Pick your poison!, Niche marketing, MLM, network marketing, affiliate marketing or straight up Ecommerce. You decide. Keep it simple to start. Once you see success it will be easier, more comfortable for you to progress your business.
Ensure you completely and thoroughly research your choice. (keeping things small and simple will enable you more time to do this well)

Once you have a program to promote, you need traffic, right. Without it, no one sees, no one buys.
Paid advertising produces the best conversion rates by far. But, with the right subject lines and ad copy, Free Advertising cannot be overlooked. There are 10000's of advertising sites on the net offering quality , targeted audiences to view your promotions.

Search your favorite search engine and start making a list of free advertising sites, try 1 or 2 at a time, continue to post your ad as often as you are allowed, don't miss a single day and you will start to see responses. If not, scrap them and move to the next on your list.
Soon you will have an arsenal of responsive, free advertising tools .

Now, with all that being said, it will take some time for you to discover what some of us already have learned. Nothing wrong with that, it will make you a more knowledgeable business owner.

I will do my best to post weekly some of the free advertising sites that I have used for years. With great results. Your results may differ, but since cost is not a factor, there is no reason for you not to at least give them a try for you promotional efforts.

This weeks Favorite Free advertising Site


This is a great site, free to play, free to post, as a member you receive many freebies to help increase exposure and grow your business. eg. I am mailing to over 11,000 people who have played at my site, Weekly. FREE!

Take a look, come back and post your comments or questions, Id love to talk.

Also,,If anyone has suggestions for their free advertising sites, please feel free to post a comment with your links.
It's Alive!!

It has finally been launched.
Michelle (TMC EASYGROUP Admin) has done it again. She has joined forces with some very influential people and have come together to launch one of the most exciting, profitable and safest way for people to earn up to 400% return on their money.
This program has limited seats (149) and have almost been filled. Members in this terrific passive income program will also be front runners in TMC programs as well as much anticipated launch of many other money making programs, Exclusively!

If your interested in reading over the site, ( live chat support is online on the site as well)
please send me an email to
admin@dwcmarketing.ws subject:(Dale,Invite Me!)
and I will be please to send you the link to get your private authorization code.

remember!! spaces are limited, and with risk free, guaranteed return, they wont last long!
It has been some time since I've updated the blog.
With all the great things that are being developed in recent weeks, its a wonder I have even had time to sleep.lol,,,,

The TMC EasyBook Group, are in the final stages of production on the second installment of International Recipes Cookbook.

Many Thanks go out to John David Cardosa, for all his had work and dedication. John has been a restaurant owner and chef, and has traveled to many places learning about food and perfecting his own original recipes. Im sure everyone who receives this work of fine art, will undoubtedly agree with me , these recipes are fresh and exciting and wow your taste buds.

I will keep all posted on progress and release date!
Check previous posts for link to download our first Installment of International Recipes

If you think you would be interested in sharing your favorite recipes for publication, or if earning extra money online sounds nice. Please come and visit us and join our exciting group.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How about a little dessert recipe for Thanksgiving?

Here's my mom's pumpkin pie recipe!

2 eggs

¾ cup sugar

½ tsp salt

1 2/3 cup condensed milk

1 ½ cup pumpkin

½ stick melted butter

½ cup biscuit mix or Bisquick

½ tsp ginger

1 tsp cinnamon

Blend eggs, sugar, salt.

Add and blend milk,

pumpkin and butter.

Add and blend Bisquick

or other biscuit mix,

cinnamon and ginger.

Pour into greased and floured

9 or 10 inch pie pan.

Bake at 350 for 45 to 50 minutes.

Easy and delicious

Enjoy and look for more great dessert recipes in
our International Cook Book!

Vikki Gigante